Hair stylist, wig maker, body and face painter

The body is the source of inspiration; each individual allows for unique explorations. I am drawn to the human form: to enhance, to transform, to disguise, to enchant. Working in the Trinidadian carnival tradition, helping design and build masquerade (‘mas’) bands both in Port of Spain and Toronto, I learned to work on the street in fast-paced, often spontaneous, situations. This experience and knowledge is complemented by more formal schooling and more traditional theatre situations, in particular with the Video Cabaret productions of The History of the Village of Small Huts

Wig Design and Making

Histories of the Village ofSmall Huts, VideoCabaret 2003 to present*

A Dispute: an experiment for quarantine, Randolph College 2020

Too Good to be True, VideoCabaret 2019

Ding Dong Girls, Fringe Festival 2018

Talking Treaties, Jumblies Theatre 2018

Trudeau and Levesque, Soulpepper/VideoCabaret 2015

Emily's Piano, Young People’s Theatre 2015

Lavinia, with Jon Lachlan Stewart 2014/15

Shakespeare in the Park, Canadian Stage 2014/13

James and the Giant Peach, Young People’s Theatre 2014

Trudeau and the FLQ, Soulpepper/VideoCabaret 2014*

Annie, Young People’s Theatre 2013/14

Les Fourberries de Scapin, Theatre Francais 2013

War of 1812, Stratford/VideoCabaret 2012*

Andromaque, Hamlet, Necessary Angel Theatre/Theatre Babel

El Numero Uno, Young People’s Theatre

Hansel and Gretel, Shadowland Theatre

e-dentity, Theatre Gargantua /Mirvish

Arthouse Cabaret, Shadowland Theatre/Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Opera to Go, Tapestry Opera Company

*Shows awarded Dora MavorMoore awards for excellence in costume and wig design

Performance Art

In Pursuit of Happiness, Tanya Mars


Miigis,Red Sky Performance

Ever Onward, Tom Brouillette

Spinster's Almanac, Susie Burpee


Peete, Machine Gum Produktions2019

Dr Theo's TravellingMedicine Show, AmnonBuchbinder/Shadowland Theatre



York University

Metro Toronto (Ryerson) University

Haircuts by Children, Mammalian Diving Reflex


1995-7      Bruno's School of Hair Design

1967-70    Liverpool School of Architecture

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